User stories

Using Dabra in our global 40+ person team, has completely changed the game for how we work together. Having one single place for us to collaborate 1:1’s together within the reporting line, and also with peers, has allowed the flexibility needed for constant, ongoing dialogue, and open communication within the team. As a manager, I’m always able to see the topics that my team members want to talk to me about before hand, and can often address them ahead of our scheduled meeting. This has given the team back a lot of time (previously spent in agenda-less meetings), removed bottlenecks in getting tasks done and has overall increased trust and efficiency in our working relationships.”

Jenny Ramirez

Global Head of HR Operations, Cloud Services

Dabra enables meaningful relationships with my clients and colleagues by increasing transparency of our conversations, driving accountability of action items, and encouraging continuity of topics so that items don’t fall through the cracks. Since nearly all of my clients are remote, I leverage Dabra as an additional tool to help me build and maintain trust with everyone that I work with.”

Karine Karpati

HR Business Partner

I manage many relationships in my day-to-day and Dabra has become an essential solution to help me stay on top of all of my 1:1 interactions. I always have a session open on my laptop and iPhone and use it as a digital assistant to help me prepare, track and follow up on meetings. Dabra has truly improved my productivity and allows me focus on the most important part of my job: developing the people that I work with and shaping the next generation of talent at SAP.”

Fred Page

Sales Faculty Lead, SAP Academy

As a manager of 31 direct reports it was extremely difficult to keep all the important details on my people in order. Dabra streamlined my life by providing one place to record questions, decisions, performance-enhancing tasks, personality insights, my notes and everything else. Now I have a platform that proactively helps me plan my week, tells me how to give feedback on an individual level, and confidentially records performance and business tasks.

My entire team uses Dabra for 1:1s and it has made our meetings more engaged and efficient. Now both parties have an opportunity to prepare for the meeting, voice opinions/ideas/questions and even address them before the meeting starts. My direct reports feel more prepared and organized going into a meeting and as a manager, I do not waste time trying to find notes or probe them for more information; everything is in Dabra, in real-time, ready for action.”

Caitie Sullivan

Head of Silicon Valley Next Talent program