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    Dabra is an emotionally intelligent assistant that helps you manage effective 1-1 meetings, cultivate trust, and grow empathy for each of your work relationships.

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I really enjoy reading the personal insights - Dabra touches on aspects of a relationship that would take 2 months to figure out. I will continue using Dabra as it helps me frame each of my 1-on-1 meetings. You really nailed it!

Development Manager

It's Easy

Let's say you have your 1:1 next Thursday...

  • Step

    • Today
    • Sign up and answer a few quick questions about your relationship
  • Step

    • Next Wednesday
    • Dabra will send you and your colleague an email to help prepare your agendas
  • Step

    • Next Thursday
    • Dabra will send you both emails to collect meeting notes and provide actionable insights
  • Step

    • Next Friday
    • Dabra helps you both follow up and grow trust and accountability in every meeting

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