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“One of the biggest obstacles to high performance in organizations comes from unclear expectations and accountability.” Ken Blanchard

As many as 50% of US workers say they don’t really know what’s expected of them in their job which leads to confusion, disengagement and burnout. This stems from the fact that managers and employees fail to communicate early on about the employee’s role and expectations and how they link to the company’s strategy and objectives. We don’t want you to become a statistic, so we created a template where you can discuss your organization, your team, and your role. This session will connect your organization’s mission to your own job and day-to-day activities. You will have a better understanding of the performance expectations for your role and how success with be measured. This step is crucial to the performance management process and sets the stage for continuous dialogue.


Adjust the template below to meet the needs of the discussion — new hire, internal transfer, promotion. Allow for ample time for the discussion, especially if you are covering all three areas. As you discuss each question, feel free to check the box and capture important information in the notes section of Dabra. At the end of the session, ensure that you are aligned on role and performance expectations.


Our Org

  • Discuss company’s core values as well as which behaviors you most identify with.
  • Discuss the organization’s vision, purpose, strategy, and key goals.
  • Review the organizational structure, key leaders and important initiatives.


Our Team

  • Discuss the team’s purpose and key goals for the year
  • Discuss individuals on team and who handles what work
  • Share team dynamics, communication style, and team norms


Your Role

  • Clarify the role and performance expectations to ensure alignment
    • Reference the job description to discuss the role
    • Review the skills, competencies and mind-set required in the role
    • Outline how success is measured
  • Discuss the tools and systems to be used in daily work and any relevant trainings
  • Discuss any new projects and assignments
  • Review the link between work and the company’s objectives
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