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“Research indicates that workers have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company.” Zig Ziglar

Open and frequent communication is the key to any relationship as it establishes connection and builds trust.   A regularly scheduled one-on-one meeting is a great opportunity for you to exchange ideas, review goal status, give and receive feedback, and discuss specific challenges.  Meetings are most productive when ideas are discussed, roadblocks are removed, or problems are solved. One-on-ones are least effective when they consist of a status update, since a simple email could do the trick!


Come up with an agreed upon flow for your one-on-one meetings leveraging best practices from the template below. Add your topics and notes well before your meeting so that both parties can come prepared for a meaningful conversation. To maximize transparency, remember to take notes during the meeting and follow-up on action items.


  • Connect: Spend a few mins to inquire about a topic of interest that you learned about from the Getting to Know Each Other session. Additionally, congratulate each other on a recent accomplishment or success personally or professionally.
  • Status of Action Items: Review status of action items from last week
  • Business and Professional Development Goals: Discuss progress made towards business goals and professional development/learning
  • Projects & Other Work: Review work topics, specifically items where feedback/problem-solving/management assistance is needed
  • Feedback: Check with the other party what feedback (positive and/or constructive) you have for each other.
  • Review of Action Items: Finalize action items and owners.
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