How to Export My Dabra Content (Dabra Winddown)

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How to Export your data from Dabra?


Thank you for using Dabra for your 1:1 meetings. We hope it was beneficial for you and your colleagues and we hope your meetings were meaningful and the relationships had flourished.

We know the content in Dabra is valuable to you to continue your 1:1 meetings.
Here is how you can export your content for your needs:

Watch this short video which demonstrates export options (all / specific person / my private notes / personal quiz insights)

You can export all your topics and notes for all your relationships. This will be sent to you via e-mail, within 24 hours






Or you could choose to export per person (per relationship) – you can do so for each person you wish to keep your notes





In addition, you could export your personal notes and your personal insights upon the quiz filled in. GoTo Favorites> Choose your own name > Choose to Export. This will be sent to you via e-mail within 24 hours






We will be happy to hear and get your feedback on Dabra. You can do that in the “Tell Us Your Thoughts” entry.

We really hope you had benefited from Dabra, as we believe that “every great leader starts with great relationships”. We hope it helped focus on relationships, be productive and transparent in your meaningful 1:1 meetings. happy to hear your feedback.




Hope our paths would cross again 😊

Dabra Team



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Great leadership starts with great relationships. Dabra upgrades your workplace relationships with effective and personalized meetings.

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