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“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” – Jimmy Johnson

A regular alignment on performance is a great opportunity to review your achievements against both business and development goals to develop a shared understanding of how your work relates to the team and the company’s objectives.  This session allows you to highlight impact you’ve made, challenges you’ve overcame and lessons you’ve learned. An open conversation creates a pathway for feedback and identification of further opportunities for development. If you are a manager, remember to discuss both positive performance and areas for improvement regularly, so this should not be the first time your employee hears this information.


First, review the outcome of the Setting Expectations session in Dabra where you discussed your role and how performance will be measured. This is a crucial step as your manager’s feedback will be based on this. Next, capture the highlights of your performance since your last alignment using the template below.  What are you most proud of? What was your biggest learning? This is your opportunity to showcase your work and discuss how you’d like to grow further.

If you are a manager, use Dabra to capture the main points you’d like to share about the employee’s performance and areas for improvement. For greater insight, remember to solicit and incorporate feedback from colleagues and clients. Your end goal is to recognize your employee for what she’s doing well and opportunities for further development.


  • Review achievements against business goals (use metrics where possible)
  • Reflect on successes, challenges, and learnings
  • Highlight development activities completed and skills gained
  • Discuss feedback on performance – Start, Stop, Continue
  • Document the outcome of your conversion – newly set goals, feedback on existing goal, clear agreement on desirable changes.
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