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“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” – Jimmy Johnson

A regular alignment on performance is a great opportunity to review your achievements on a given project and course correct for further improvement.   This session allows you to highlight impact you’ve made, challenges you’ve overcame and lessons you’ve learned. An open conversation creates a pathway for feedback and identification of further opportunities for development.


First, review the outcome of the Setting Expectations session in Dabra where you discussed your role and how performance will be measured. This is a crucial step as your colleague’s feedback will be based on this. Next, capture the highlights of your achievements since your last alignment using the template below.  What are you most proud of? What was your biggest learning? This is your opportunity to showcase your work and discuss how you’d like to continue to contribute to the project.


  • Review achievements against project goals
  • Reflect on successes, challenges, and learnings
  • Discuss feedback on performance – Start, Stop, Continue
  • Document the outcome of your conversion – newly set goals, feedback on existing goal, clear agreement on desirable changes.
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