The path

Dabra wind down

Dabra is winding down and will cease its service completely on June 1st, 2020. Please use the new export tool and export your data within the next 8 weeks.
This blog post is written by our entire team and comes with mixed feelings of gratitude and sadness. Our gratitude goes to every Dabra user who believed in the importance of managing workplace relationships and taught us what really matters.

What you should expect

There is one thing that we value most – your trust. That’s why we want to make sure you’ll have access to all your data and your privacy will be kept. We just released a tool to conveniently export your data from Dabra so you can further reuse it.

  • On April 18, 2020, we’ll disconnect all calendars and won’t allow adding any new meetings.Export your data from Dabra
  • On June 1st, Dabra web application will be shut down and until the end of June, all user data will be completely erased from all systems.

What happened

The path

Three years ago, a team of SAP employees from different organizations joined forces. We wanted to help every employee and every leader to manage their workplace relationships with trust and empathy. It was our belief we can change the way people work together in a world with rapidly growing remote teams, the gig economy and flattening org structures.

We celebrated with passing each milestone and immediately looked for the next one. Highlights included SAP.iO Intrapreneurship accelerator, getting funded by Venture Studio, working with the first 50 users, growing the team, integrating with the tools people used for their meetings, becoming the de-facto standard tool for 1:1 in more and more groups around the world, integrating with HR tools. Most important of all has always been the help and love from thousands of users.

We were lucky to build a community of creative and vocal users. You, our users, were extremely creative and used Dabra in countless ways while suggesting to us how to improve the product.

One of our main hypotheses was that managing your workplace relationships should work bottom-up and be viral. Despite high retention rates and dozens of imaginative ways our users used Dabra, we failed to prove this hypothesis. Along the way, we tried an alternative approach to prove the market viability but weren’t able to secure further funding.

What’s next for the team

We are a small team that was able to handle all aspects of the product design, development, DevOps, customer success, marketing and managing the business. Every one of us learned significant new skills. We are grateful to be SAP employees. SAP provides unprecedented support for taking risks and this allows us to safely explore further career opportunities in SAP, locally and globally.

It was an immense journey understanding the way people manage their workplace relationships and help manage them better. It couldn’t be done without the help of dozens of good people who joined forces with us in fellowships, internships and just as a way to help. Just to name a few: Nirit, Shira, Oran, Naama, Jianrong, Chris, Javier, Anat, Debi, Betty, Nikki, Marek, Miro, Margo, Sofia, Sanjay, Katja, Nelli, Alexander, Katya, Ksenia, Georgy, Marco, Rodrigo, Stefan, Steve, Karine

We are grateful for this journey and are still learning from it

Vitaly, Racheli, Edna, Evgeny, Avital, Elena, Daniel

Dabra team photo


See you at SuccessConnect Las Vegas!

The Dabra team will be at SuccessConnect Las Vegas (September 16th-18th) to share our best practices for building a culture of  continuous dialogue using the right tools and mindset. Here's an overview of where you'll find us at this year's event:


Dabra GM, Vitaly Vainer, will be sharing recommendations for effectively building a culture of continuous dialogue derived from the stories that we hear from Dabra users every day.

How to Boost Employee Engagement and Create a Culture of Continuous Dialogue

11:00 am - 11:20 am Wednesday, September 18th

Tasked with increasing employee engagement but not sure where to start? Explore the value of replacing traditional performance ratings with a strategy for continuous dialogue through more-focused one-on-one manager-employee meetings. Learn more as the team for the Dabra digital assistant by SAP takes you through best practices and shares the results of a pilot with an HR organization at SAP.

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Learn about the SAP.iO Venture Studio and the HR startups like Dabra that are incubated within.

Get Acquainted with the Revolutionary HR Start-Ups Within SAP

09:00 am - 09:20 am Wednesday, September 18th

What do Post-It Notes, Facebook’s “like” button, and the Sony PlayStation all have in common? These were all innovations created by intrapreneurs, or employee entrepreneurs, within their respective organizations. Discover how SAP is exploring cutting-edge technologies and pioneering new markets with its SAP.iO Venture Studio. Learn how these ventures, like those that extend the SAP SuccessFactors suite, are tackling some of the biggest problems in enterprise software. Hear how Brilliant Hire is improving hiring efficiency and reducing bias, Dabra is driving team performance with AI, and FlexPay is empowering employees to use accumulated but unpaid earnings.

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Demo Station:

Meet the Dabra team at the SAP.iO Venture Studio demo area and we'll be happy to chat and take you through the product. We'll be doing on-site personality assessments to help you understand your leadership style - stop by for a free copy of personalized insights that you can bring back to the office with you.

What’s Next in HR Tech?

All Day | SAP Zone Demo Stations

Discover innovative HR solutions developed within SAP.iO Venture Studio that address some of the most pressing human capital challenges. Meet the “intrapreneurs” that founded the Brilliant Hire network by SAP to improve hiring efficiency and reduce bias, the Dabra digital assistant by SAP to drive continuous dialogue between managers and employees, and the Flexpay by SAP solution to empower employees to use accumulated but unpaid earnings.

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Attending SuccessConnect Las Vegas and want to set up a meeting at the event? Reach out to for scheduling.

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