Dabra by SAP helps you have productive, focused 1:1 meetings, and build trust with the people you work with.

Dabra helps you have productive, focused 1:1 meetings, and build trust with the people you work with.

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Why Dabra

Add value to your 1:1 meetings

Collaborate on 1:1s in one place

Say goodbye to misplaced meeting notes—shared agendas, notes, goals and action items keep everyone on the same page.

Work together more efficiently

Free up time to talk about what really matters. Get the most out of valuable 1:1 meeting time by sharing discussion topics in advance.

Build trust with your team

Increase transparency in your work relationships and learn about your coworkers’ working styles through built-in personality insights.

Day full of meetings?

Learn how Dabra can help you before, during and after a meeting.

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1. Before the meeting

Prepare easily

Agenda-less meetings be gone! Dabra reminds you and your team members to prepare for upcoming meetings.

  • Connect work calendar
  • Automatic reminders
  • Shared agendas
  • Suggested topics
2. During the meeting

Focus on what matters

Focus on what’s important with everyone’s notes in one place and built in personality insights to understand each other better.

  • View by person
  • Personality insights
  • Shared and private space
  • Topic history
3. After the meeting

Follow up, always

It’s all about the follow up. Dabra helps you assign action items, set goals and revisit topics previously discussed.

  • Meeting Summaries
  • Revisit topics
  • Action items
  • Goals

Frequently asked questions

Is Dabra an SAP Product?

Yes, it is! Dabra is part of the SAP.iO Venture Studio, an internal startup incubator, and was founded by a team of SAP employees.

How does Dabra handle privacy?

Your privacy is very important to us. Our privacy practices reflect current global standards for handling personal information. Find our full privacy statement here.

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