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  • Great leadership starts with great relationships

    Step up to great workplace relationships with effective and personalized meetings.

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  • Continuity

    Never lose track of your ongoing conversations

    Forget about all various tools to keep track of your many meeting notes. Dabra is all in one:

    • Calendar connection

      Streamline your experience by connecting your work calendar.

    • View by person

      Navigate through your meetings filtered by your contacts.

    • Topics and notes

      All your meeting content clearly organized by topics and notes.

    • Personalized notifications

      Set your preferred email notification settings.

  • Preparation

    Get ready for your meetings in an instant!

    Prepare for your meetings in a couple of minutes with these features:

    • Revisit topics

      Avoid typing! View your previous meetings and revisit their topics.

    • Suggested topics

      Get suggestions of previously discussed topics.

    • Shared and private

      Keep some topics private and share them after the meeting time.

    • Notes history

      Review the development of a specific topic through time.

  • Learning

    Grow in empathy with your colleagues

    Emotional intelligence in the workplace can be challenging. Dabra is here to help out:

    • Get behavioral insights

      Answer our set of simple questions and receive behavioral insights.

    • Engage efficiently

      Leverage your knowledge to create better relationships.

They said it best!

  • “We’re more effective when we have a dialog, at the end of the day it brings a more fruitful work relationship.”

    Noa Shinar-Ron

    COO SAP Labs Israel

  • “Dabra provides a robust and concise snapshot that quickly reminds and prepares me for my next meeting. It has made my meetings more efficient.”

    Caitie Sullivan

    Head of Silicon Valley Next Talent program

  • “Believe it or not, productive meetings make people more engaged. Dabra enables my team members to bring their own topics easily and improve transparency.”

    Yariv Zur

    VP Product Management

  • “I really enjoy reading the personal insights—Dabra touches on aspects of a relationship that would take 2 months to figure out. You really nailed it!”

    Alex Feldman

    Developer Team Lead

Your work meetings are the key to better leadership

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