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Dabra is an assistant for people-centric leaders.
Never drop the ball in your workplace relationships!

“... Dabra provides a robust and concise snapshot that quickly reminds and prepares me for my next meeting. It has made my meetings more efficient and shortened the process of building trust and rapport.

Caitie S.
Head of program, SAP

Easy to start using Dabra

For your next meeting ...

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    Create a 1:1 meeting

    Open an existing or create a new 1:1 recurrent meeting in your meeting calendar.

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    Add Dabra as an invitee

    In addition to the participant, add dabra@dabra.ai to the 1:1 meeting.

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    Send meeting invitation

    Send the meeting invitation to your invitees, namely the meeting participant and Dabra.

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    Dabra adds participant

    Go to app.dabra.ai, the meeting participant is displayed under People.

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    Dabra invites participant to join

    The meeting participant receives an invitation to join and collaborate with you in Dabra.

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